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30 Jun 2012: Kruzer RES Durian Trip

To most, the month of June is a month of meaning. For the kids, June is a month of sheer joy and fun. For the families, June unravels exciting travel plans. For the working community, it signifies the closing of two quarters (and perhaps the issuance of bonuses for some). For Kruzer, the month of… Read more »

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21 Jul 2012: Tranquility at Tasik Chini

Lake Chini has been a nice experience with one of its known caretaker, Rajan Jones. Inline with our eco-oriented destinations, we will be heading to Lake Chini and let Rajan share with us the current situation on the dying lake. Lets hope we will see more lotuses on the lake this time. Please be informed… Read more »

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30 Jun 2012: Kruzer’s June RES Trip

This is basically a durian feast ride. We will continue our feasting at Monsta after. Details are as follows Date: 30th June 2012 Time: 9:30am 0930 ETA GP Esso 1000 ETD 1030 ETA Light breakfast at GP 1130 ETD 1200 ETA Durian orhard 1330 ETD 1700 ETA Monsta Cafe 1900 ETD 1930 ETA GP Esso… Read more »