19 May 2018: Kruzer @ 35 Bayou Bay

This is perhaps Kruzer’s shortest ride but without sacrificing the experience. Carefully selected, this beautiful, spacious house is a dream home for many. Nestled in the secluded, lush, verdant private estate within Leisure Farm, this accommodation with its own private pool was an ideal getaway to relax and unwind for the short weekend.

30 Mar 2018: Nostalgic Malacca

One of Kruzer’s easy rides for R&R is Malacca. We usually stay near Bert’s Garden as that’s where we spend most of our time. However for this trip, we stayed at a place closer to Malacca Town. This place was chosen as this used to be the home of our dearest club president’s family during… Read more »

14 Oct 2017: Kruzer Escape to the Hills

Fraser’s Hill is one place we can’t seem to get enough off. It must be the charm and simplicity of the location that draws us back again. Tuck up on a hill without much usual tourist attraction also helps with less crowd. But most of all, it is the road up Fraser’s Hill (and the… Read more »

26 Aug 2017: Kruzer’s Escapade at De Serenity

Contrary to our previous trip to Malacca – a historic town known for antique shops and its night market, this trip, we escaped to a secluded destination thats situated near a forest. De Serenity is located in an area that is familiar to Kruzer as we have been to two other places, Awanmulan and The… Read more »

01 Jan 2017: Kruzer 12 Anniversary at Templer Park Rainforest Retreat

Kruzer celebrates its 12 Anniversary at yet another new location this year. It is also the first time we actually celebrate our anniversary on the actual day of the club’s registration date (woohoo!).   Templer Park Rainforest Retreat has been on our list but due to its popularity, it has been hard to get a booking…. Read more »

31 Oct 2015: Kruzer @ Lexus Hibiscus Port Dickson

  What better way to unwind over the weekend than to dip in your very own private pool with a your buddies while enjoying… Posted by Kruzer on Tuesday, 15 December 2015  

06-22 Jun 2014: Ladakh Trilogy

2009 was when it all began. What started out as a motorcycling trip by 2 Kruzer founders in Ladakh – a mountainous region in the disputed northwest Jammu and Kashmir area in north India – spun off a trilogy of motorcycling adventures with a Himalayan experience in 2011, followed by 2014. Though pictures are worth… Read more »

Kruzer 8th Anniversary T-Shirts

Kruzer presents its 8th Anniversary T-Shirts: Price: SGD 22.00 Available Sizes: XXS / XS / S / M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL *Collection details will be notified when shirts are ready*   Please click on the below options to purchase: [wp_cart:Kruzer 8th Anniversary T-Shirts:price:22.00:var1[Sizes|XXS|XS|S|M|L|XL|XXL|XXXL]:var2[Color:|Black|Red]:end] [show_wp_shopping_cart]

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05 Jan 2013: Kruzer’s 8th Anniversary In The Clouds

We did a recce on the 8 Sept and found a nice place for our ride. Its been a long time since we found new places and this one is a gem tucked in a hills of Berembun Forest – Awanmulan Its built on a private agricultural land some 1000ft ASL where it offers a… Read more »

  • 2012 Kruzer Klick Points

  • 30 Jun 2012: Kruzer RES Durian Trip

    To most, the month of June is a month of meaning. For the kids, June is a month of sheer joy and fun. For the families, June unravels exciting travel plans. For the working community, it signifies the closing of two quarters (and perhaps the issuance of bonuses for some). For Kruzer, the month of… Read more »

  • 21 Jul 2012: Tranquility at Tasik Chini

    Lake Chini has been a nice experience with one of its known caretaker, Rajan Jones. Inline with our eco-oriented destinations, we will be heading to Lake Chini and let Rajan share with us the current situation on the dying lake. Lets hope we will see more lotuses on the lake this time. Please be informed… Read more »

  • 30 Jun 2012: Kruzer’s June RES Trip

    This is basically a durian feast ride. We will continue our feasting at Monsta after. Details are as follows Date: 30th June 2012 Time: 9:30am 0930 ETA GP Esso 1000 ETD 1030 ETA Light breakfast at GP 1130 ETD 1200 ETA Durian orhard 1330 ETD 1700 ETA Monsta Cafe 1900 ETD 1930 ETA GP Esso… Read more »

  • 28 Apr 2012: Kruzer To Lake Banding 2012

    Kruzer’s first long ride for the year! This ride will start late Friday night and arriving at the resort about noon. We will stay for 2 nights and head home on Monday. We will take an easy ride back on Monday as Tuesday is a holiday. More details will be available soon. For now, we… Read more »

  • 06 Apr 2012: Kruzer R.E.S Trip

    In a typical calendar of Singapore, public holidays reflect the cultural and religious diversity of the country, which includes the Chinese New Year, the Buddhist holiday – Vesak Day, the Muslim holidays – Hari Raya Puasa and Hari Raya Haji, the Hindu holiday – Deepavali, and the Christian holidays – Good Friday and Christmas Day…. Read more »

  • 25 Mar 2012: Kruzer AGM @ Tanjung Sutera

    The last time we were at Tanjung Sutera, my partner and I tried to catch the sunset but to no avail. This time, he was determined give it another try. However, our hopes were quickly dashed when we saw the immense cloud cover. So instead of a nice, glowing, ball of light, we saw a… Read more »

  • 24 Mar 2012: Kruzer AGM @ Tanjung Sutera

    It is always a challenge to write up on a place which I’ve been to before. After all, everything about the destination is familiar – from the pool, to the food, to the spectacular sea view that takes your breath away. It is as if you are reliving an experience that’s been extracted from the… Read more »

  • Kruzer 7th Anniversary (51 days later)

    It has been more than a month since Kruzer celebrated it’s 7th anniversary at Fraser’s Hill. Have you forgotten the cool temperatures, the sinuous roads up Frasers, the beer party camaraderie? To jolt your memory and bring back those lovely reminiscences, we share with you some of the post-trip thoughts and experiences from our fellow… Read more »

  • 18 Feb 2012: Kruzer RES @ Malacca

    For those who do not know, Kruzer usually alternates between an overnight trip and a day trip as the months go by. So having had an overnight trip to Kruzer’s favorite spot – Fraser’s Hill – in January, it means that there will be a day trip in the next month, which is February. Well,… Read more »